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Sunrise Alert is an app for a demanding user who seeks reliable and accurate information about the times of sunrise, sunset, solar noon, golden hour, twilight (astronomical, nautical and civil) and the sun altitude; and for those who appreciate a modern no-nonsense design and the intuitive interface.


The truly native iOS9 app enhanced with an interactive chart and notification service.

Sun Position Charts

The linechart displays the position (altitude and azimuth) of the sun on the sky during the selected day. Our unique interactive piechart chart shows the duration of events (twilights and day and night ) for the given day and location. You can rotate the charts by your finder to get an instant update of events and times in the given day or you can let the chart animate the changes over a time period.

Notifications and Alerts

Would you like to create a list of coming sun events of your interest (sunrise, sunset, solar noon and twilights etc.) for a particular location and day? Easy! Furthermore, you can also and receive a notification prior to these events occurs and send emails or messages directly from the app environment.

GPS and Mobile Data

No internet connection is required to obtain the geolocation and elevation data.

Mobile Apps


Web apps

Place Localisation

The dates and results are presented in the local time / local time zone. If you choose to use your GPS coordinates, the app would detect your GPS position to run the calculation of the event times. To safe the battery life, the app stops geocoding immediately after your initial GPS coordinates are found.

Date range

The app returns data for virtually for any place on Earth and for any date in a range of +/- 40 years.

Saving your places

You can opt to use your GPS location or use a search bar to find a place. Create a shortlist of your favourite place to quicly obtain data for your favourite location.


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